Properties of garlic for hair

November 5, 2022

Hair loss and how to treat it (including hair transplant) is an issue that has turned the minds of many young people or middle-aged people who suffer from it these days. But in the meantime, there are various methods to strengthen the hair on the head, which prevent them from falling and help the hair follicle to grow as well as possible.

To know what is the cause of hair loss? It helps a lot to prevent hair loss in advance. So far, many methods and techniques have been presented to prevent hair loss for women and men, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. (Of course, most of the benefits) According to our predecessors who said: “Prevention is better than cure”, this sentence is also true in the field of hair loss, and that from young years, by strengthening the roots of the hair and using the correct shampoo and maintenance. Hair, proper nutrition and observing many other key points can prevent hair loss or help hair loss treatment with medicinal herbs, you can help them grow again, it certainly has a great impact on your hair and its health.

One of these substances and herbs useful for hair is garlic. Garlic has many beneficial properties for hair, so this plant has been used since ancient times in many countries of the world, including India, and until now, the use of garlic to strengthen hair continues in many cities and villages of this country and many other countries of the world. .

Of course, it is said that garlic or garlic oil have other beneficial properties for the human body, but our discussion in this section goes back to the last one. It means the benefits of garlic for hair. Today, almost according to the studies and researches of scientists and experts who research and research in the field of hair loss treatment, it has been shown that garlic has many benefits for hair growth and to some extent (but not 100 percent) it can help a lot in growth. Rejuvenate parts of the head that have experienced baldness or severe hair loss.

Along with following the hair care tips, using herbal and natural ingredients and using them correctly to strengthen the hair can help greatly in maintaining and even regrowing hair follicles. Including garlic oil, although its use is not known as a definitive solution, but if the extent of the loss area is small and the number of lost hair strands is not too high, it can be considered as a temporary solution.


  • Using coconut oil and garlic juice:

Using coconut oil and massaging the scalp with it has been popular since ancient times to prevent hair loss and improve the condition of the scalp in many countries of the world, including India, but if it is used in combination with garlic juice, it can have a double effect. be For this purpose, separate the skin of garlic cloves one by one and after preparing them to get their juice, you can easily get garlic juice by using a garlic press. Then mix the coconut oil with it in the same proportion (for example, if you have prepared three spoons of garlic juice, add three spoons of coconut water to it and mix well), of course, before combining the two in order to get the final mixture better. You can heat the coconut oil a little. Finally, you can pour this mixture slowly on the scalp and the areas where you have more hair loss and even massage it with your fingertips. In order to get better results, it is better to give your hair 20 to 30 minutes from the time you finish pouring this mixture on your scalp to the start of washing in the bathroom, so that while absorbing this mixture and its minerals and vitamins, its positive effects will be greater. remain on your head.
The combination of coconut oil and garlic juice can be of great help to hair and is one of the best methods in this field.


  •  Use of honey and garlic juice:

Honey is one of the amazing and useful substances for the body. Now, if it is used correctly on the body skin in combination with garlic juice, you can definitely be satisfied with the final result. Honey gives a special freshness to the skin and body hair and has been used by women all over the world since ancient times.
Like the combination of coconut water and garlic water, you can prepare garlic water first and then mix it with honey. According to many people, this combination is one of the best natural treatments to help hair growth.

Here, we reiterate the issue that simply using the above compounds and dousing the head with them may not be enough for the hair, but massaging the scalp slowly in this regard can also greatly help the blood flow of the head and thus growth. It is better to cut the hair shaft.

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