Parjak Pomegranate Conditioner

Repairing and strengthening damaged and dyed hair

Parjak Grape Conditioner

Repair and strengthen damaged hair

Parjak Argan Conditioner

Nourishes dry hair



Shkofa Arin Health Company was established with the aim of producing health products with the ability to compete qualitatively with well-known foreign and domestic goods in the domestic and international markets while protecting the rights of consumers, and after obtaining all the health, industrial and standard permits, it started its activities in the field of shampoo production. made it herbal and by following the principles of quality management (ISO 9001), using experienced technical staff, using advanced equipment and conducting scientific experiments, he carefully examined the properties of herbal extracts in the preservation and maintenance of hair and scalp and finally succeeded in creating formulations It became unique and by using the best raw materials purchased from the most reliable foreign manufacturing companies, it was able to supply its herbal shampoos with the highest quality and with the unique Persian name “parjak” to the domestic and foreign markets.

Parjak family


Parjak shampoos

Containing natural Argan oil

Containing natural pepper extract

Containing natural olive extract

Containing natural rice bran extract

natural Chamomile extract - vitamin B5

natural zizyphus extract - vitamin B5

Containing natural Pomegranate seed oil

Enriched with natural Garlic extract

Enriched with natural Walnut extract

Enriched with natural Rosemary extract

Why use herbal shampoos?


Parjak Conditioner

Containing avocado oil and shea butter

Containing argan oil and keratin

Containing grape seed oil and keratin

pomegranate seed oil - olive extract



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