Properties of argan oil for hair

November 5, 2022

Argan oil is known as liquid gold! This is the elixir oil that works magic. The benefits of argan oil are many and include skin and hair treatment to digestive problems and cancer prevention. This oil is obtained from the fruit of argan tree with the scientific name Argania spinosa. The argan tree is native to Morocco, its height is about 8 meters and it has a long life, it bears fruit at the age of 30. There is a nut inside the fruit from which oil is made. It is interesting to know that this tree is resistant to drought, heat, poor soil and harsh environmental conditions. Maybe this resistance makes what comes to fruition useful and special.


  • What are the properties of argan oil?

The importance of the argan tree is due to the medicinal properties of the oil contained in its fruit, which makes the properties of argan oil. The oil of this fruit has a lot of fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, omega 6 and 9, antioxidants and linoleic acid. This oil is resistant to oxidation, even more so than olive oil!


  • Treatment of dandruff

Argan oil is a great moisturizer and fights dandruff and dry scalp due to its high vitamin E and antioxidant content. When you use anti-dandruff shampoos to treat dandruff, you actually apply a large amount of strong chemicals to the scalp, but natural argan oil can solve the problem by applying it to the hair even with a few drops without harming the scalp.


  • hair loss treatment

Hair loss is one of the problems that exists in both women and men. But like the previous cases, this article will help you. This oil is not only effective in preventing hair loss, but also increases new hair growth if used regularly.


  • Argan shampoo

Argan oil is used in many factory products and shampoos. Argan shampoo restores softness, strength and shine to hair and fights against dryness, brittleness and hair damage. The positive feature of argan shampoo is that you can use it normally like any other shampoo, except that you will not need conditioner and conditioner. For better results, do not use shampoo directly on the scalp. First, rub your hands together and then wash your hair. Use this shampoo every other day to nourish your hair well and give your hair a healthy look.


  • Is argan oil good for hair?

Yes. This oil is good for hair because it nourishes, strengthens and protects your hair. This oil is especially effective for protecting dry and thinning hair and can repair damaged hair and give shine and clarity to dull hair.

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